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he core maxim of any civilization is happiness. Through prosperity of being and becoming. DNR Corp partakes in the millennia old wisdom established by our enlightened ancients.
Fluid, Dynamic, Evolving. A venture that creates, regulates and improvises itself constantly, to keep in step with our ever sprawling cities, DNR Group’s presence has become synonymous with being best in the real estate world.
The key to our work ethic is Innovation and Interaction. Be it information or individual, we are the gardeners, willing and eager to invest loving efforts and energy into the aspiration of the full bloom. Combining a cohesive and consistent Quality Standard with ever vigilant Customer Service, we accomplish the Life Spaces which are breathtaking in attributes.

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DNR Reflection
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DNR Group

DNR Reflection


1920-2100 Sqft

₹1.3Cr - ₹1.4Cr White with black b