Things you must do while starting to live in Bangalore

Things you Must Do while Starting to Live in Bangalore

When people start living in Bangalore, they have a little idea of the pleasant days round the corner. It would be a straight lie if someone claims that he can list all the attractions of Bangalore in a single article; Bangalore is not only about physical attractions, it is more of a cultural and philosophical place which amazes you in beginning and slowly makes you fall in love with.

Whether a kid, youth or elderly; Bangalore has something for everyone. Here is a list of few interesting things to do:

  1. Just you

    : Those were the days when you used to search a partner to go for a walk or jogging, it is not the case in Bangalore. Here you will love the solitude as the green nature will accompany you everywhere. If you are a morning person, stroll across Lalbagh botanical garden; it is a historical place which used to be the private garden of famous Hyder Ali. See the birds chirping in Ulsoor lake at 6am or just a lazy afternoon in Cubbon park will be fine. Going further, Bangalore walks with Arun pai and his team brings your closer to the undiscovered places of city; they will take your 4 hours covering a number of offbeat city places with their experienced and interesting guides.

  1. Bring out the artist

    : Everyone hides an artist within but if you have a strong artistic side which is still unexplored, this city will give the channel you need. Poetically inclined people may love Urban solace restaurant where poets gather, even a famed poet is invited there every week to motivate youngsters; Dancers will find their place in Natyagram village which is a few kilometres away from the mainstream city. This place is all about dance, dancing and dancers. People prefer going there on a bicycle; however, all other modes are available too. There is another place called Modern Gurukul for Indian classical dancers. Another place, Kitsch mandi is involved in workshops on music, paintings etc. Then coming to museums, Govt. museum, established in 1865 by Mysore state keeps many items of colonial and pre-colonial times. In technical line, HAL aerospace museum and Visvesvaraya museum have many things of attraction. Also, have a walk in MG road and surroundings to see the heritage history of Bangalore.


  1. Shopping

    : To buy branded stuff, visit Mantri square, The forum and Orion mall etc. But when you start living in Bangalore, your interest shifts towards Commercial Street near Kamaraj road or the Gandhi Bazaar, which happens to be oldest market of city. To buy dirt cheap second hand books, visit Blossoms on Church Street; here you will get all the titles magically. Then Avenue road market is densely occupied by narrow shops with bright necklaces, appealing dresses, bags, purses and what not. To buy budget vegetables and fruits, Russell market in Shivajinagar is the answer. If you manage to reach there in morning, you will get truly fresh fruits and vegetables which are rare otherwise.


  1. Food

    : Foodies will get everything here. For traditional south Indian food on Banana leaf, visit Nagarjuna restaurant, Dosa is famous in CTR. Jayanagar solves the purpose of an interesting stroll plus evening snack plus a light dinner. Then, Toit brewpub or Meghna foods have their own brand name among the foodies; they generally serve fast foods and dinner.


  1. Adventure

    : There are a number of natural and artificial adventure spots around the city. Bicycle is the new fashion, cycle up to Nandi hills or visits the Sholay village with Art of bicycle trips. Savanadurga is another one day adventure outing barely 65km away; an overnight camp at Horsley hills is famous among outdoor lovers. To have a calm day out, visit Bangalore National park that has a wide variety of animals. For thrill lovers, parasailing is conducted in Devanahalli near Bangalore international Airport. Rock climbing at Kanteerva stadium is as enjoyable as Adventure park, Wonderland. Those who love video games, New console gaming lounge has all the new and old games for you with latest infrastructure.

This list should solve the basic purpose of introducing you to this city. As you start living in Bangalore, you will surely discover new places to go and new things to do. There is no secret about adjusting in Bangalore, just lose yourself free and the city will automatically blend you in.

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