The Most Imperative Questions Any Apartment Buyer in Bangalore Needs to Put Up for Getting Engaged in the Best Deal

The Most Imperative Questions Any Apartment Buyer in Bangalore Needs to Put Up for Getting Engaged in the Best Deal

Shelling a big amount of cash out of your banks to purchase anything is never an easy decision to make. Especially when it is going to be a purchase of an apartment in which you are going to spend a great part of your life. You have to be extra cautious otherwise it won’t take long to make you regret about your hasty decision. Buying an apartment in a cosmopolitan city Bangalore requires you to prepare first of all a list of all the necessary questions to be asked before staking your money on any house. Let’s help you with it.

#Has a comprehensive research been done about the market?

It’s crucial step that one needs to take before actually buying an apartment in Bangalore. You can take help of internet to know the real estate rates prevailing in the area that you intend to make your home in. Check well the recent sales along with the selling price existing in the area.

#Is the location of the apartment right for you?

The apartment should be located at a place wherefrom reaching various places like your office, child’s school, mall or shopping complex is not bothersome. Furthermore, any apartment situated at a prime location in a city is always a good investment for future as well.

#Is any active body corporate involved?

Do inquire about the corporate body involvement. If there is any, it is important that you should know beforehand what fees you will be required to pay and what all rules will you have to follow. Also know whether the corporate has proper long term safeguarding funds.

#Is neighborhood ok for you?

It will bring a great satisfaction to you when have already checked who all are going to accompany you as your neighbors. Any doubtful personalities if living beside your house can become a cause of worry in future. Also, check how many apartments near your house are rented as the residents in them will be constantly changing. So, do ask as many people as you can about the neighborhood.

#What is the noise level you will be dealing with in your routine life?

To know this you need to check out the number as well as kind of shops, cafeterias and nightclubs nearby the apartment you are thinking to inhabit. If the area is filled with such things the noise level in that place will be definitely higher. Purchase the house only if you are ready to tolerate this much of noise.

#Is there ample parking area?

If you own vehicles, you must be in dire need of proper parking space. Do enquire about the area allotted for parking purposes and also ask whether and how much you will have to pay for the service per month.

#Are the security measures adopted efficient enough?

To combat crime that is increasing with every coming day, you need a robust security system for the safety of yours and your dear ones. Study well before buying any apartment about the security measures been taken there. See if it is simple for any stranger to enter into the building and how many working CCTV cameras have been installed in the building premises.

#Will your pet be able to dwell with you?

If you have a pet, you do need to ask the seller of the apartment whether or not your pet will be able to live there with you. He/she will tell you about all the factors that may or may not create problems with a pet living in that building. It will help you take a sound decision.

#Has the builder been able to get the approval from BDA?

BDA approval for the construction is mandatory in Bangalore, otherwise the construction is said to be illegal and unauthorized. Ignoring to check it might land you in undue trouble. So, check properly and ensure that the building containing the house you are setting your eyes on is approved by BDA.

#Will that apartment be able to provide you all your desired luxuries and facilities?

You might be having your own desires for luxuries in your life. Some of you might be happy with a well decorated bathroom and some may be pleased with a lavish kitchen etc. If you find Gym area, swimming pool, kids’ garden, yoga place, etc. important amenities for you, do ask whether all these services are provided there.

#Does the apartment look darker from inside even during a sunny day?

It will not be a wise decision to go for a house in which entry of sunlight is obstructed either by other constructions or buildings or due to any other reasons. The house should be sun facing so that direct sunlight comes in every day.

#Is Vaastu Shastra of any relevance to you?

For people having faith in vaastu shastra, it’s imperative to check the house’s vaastu before placing the money on the seller’s palms. Make sure the entrance of the house along with the positioning of kitchen is as per mentioned in the shastra.

#Is there a provision of lift?

If you are planning to reside at third floor or more than this, it will be really a difficult job for you to do regular up downs using manual stairs. Lifts are extremely essential in such cases. Check whether the building has been bestowed with proper lift or lifts, all in working condition. Also make a research as to how many people at once can easily be accommodated in each of them so that you won’t have to wait for long to get into it while in hurry.

#Are there proper sewage systems and garbage disposal facilities?

Improper sewage and drainage system might be really frustrating when you see water lodging in a huge amount nearby your house that might dread you with its smell and may be a cause of many diseases. To avoid this issue you should inquire well about it from the people already living in the building, guards, etc.

#Is the apartment located nearby an industrious area?

To live at a place which is frequented by hazardous gases is insane. It is harmful for you and your family. Especially your kids, if any, may be the big sufferers. Before spending your money do take a tour of the area around the building and see if there are factories nearby it. No flat is worth the smoke that you will be inhaling everyday.

#How much is the area around the apartment developed?

The area around your building should be appropriately developed. It includes properly maintained roads, adequate number of trees, general stores and medical shops availability, transportation facilities, etc. These are the basic things that you should check certainly for having a good home experience.

#Is the builder willing to show you the sanctioned plan?

Do not forget to peep into the builder’s character. Make enquiry about his reputation in the market and have an idea about his financial status as well. See how much he is willing to keep the things between you both transparent. Is he reluctant to share any details with you? Is he Ok if you want to have a look at the sanctioned plan for the building construction? It’s only if you find it all well, should you engage yourself in a deal with him.

#Will the builder be providing you exactly the same property shown by him in pictures?

It has been seen many a times that builders put in display extremely captivating images of their buildings and overall project showing large gym areas, beautiful gardens, etc. to attract buyers. But when the project is completed customers are disappointed to see many things missing that attracted them towards this project. So, it is your right to ask whether you will be providing all the facilities as shown in the pictures and what action can be taken in future if you do not get them all.

#Is the carpet area or super built-up area going to be the same as written in the advertisement?

It is generally observed that the carpet area of house is not what was stated in the advertisement by the builder.  Sometimes builders merge it with the super built up area which is actually common area for the whole building. It reduces your personal space or the carpet area. To avoid these kinds of issues, ask builder properly about how much carpet area you will actually be allotted and that your personal space should not at all be included in the common space.

#Is the power back up arrangement sound?

The sellers often promise the buyers 24 hours power backup but after you have made a purchase the power backup is the thing that you might have to live without for many days. So, you better enquire well about it to avoid any mishap in future.

#Has the builder got approval from BBMP?

Today, every builder promises for 24 hours running water in your home taps and for that they make proper arrangements for borewell. For legal use of a borewell, it’s necessary that the builder has got approval or permission from BBMP. Ask whether the builder has taken permission, otherwise there will be constant water issues in your home.

#Is apartment going to demand any kind of refurbishments?

Sometimes the seller will be asking you for the price of a perfectly maintained house but you might notice that the materials used at some places like kitchen or bathroom are not that promising and may call for repairs soon. This thing you should observe carefully and then decide if you are really going to pay for a perfectly furnished home or want to save some money to be spent on refurbishments.

#Are you being demanded the right sum for that apartment?

This is the most important question that you finally need to ask yourself after knowing each and every thing about the apartment. Just think whether the price tag that has been put over the apartment by the seller or builder is reasonable or not. Is that apartment providing you that many facilities for the price you will be paying for it? If yes, you can happily go for the deal otherwise you better back off. Also, make sure that you have made a sound comparison among the properties of this kind located at other areas of the city.

#Are you going to rent your apartment or live in it yourself

If the purpose of buying an apartment is to give it away on rent and earn money through it, make sure that it is an attractive property enough to entice tenants to it. The location, internal touching, etc. matter a lot.

To conclude

So, once you have had all these queries sorted, the decision to buy any apartment after this will never land you in any trouble in future. Only when you have most of the answers favoring you, can a home bought be said to be worthy for you.

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