7 Simple Steps to have you Enjoy the First Motherhood Feeling Without Being Frustrated

7 Simple Steps to have you Enjoy the First Motherhood Feeling Without Being Frustrated

Having a baby born is really an indefinable feeling for a mother. She feels both, nervous and excited; excited to see the smallest part of her own self in her hands and nervous to think about how she will be taking care of that little buddy for a year to come. Yes, spending the first year with a new born child is quite difficult of a job. Let’s help you out with some great pieces of advice that will allow you to spend that tough time easily.

Be extrovert and Share your motherly feelings with other moms:

Becoming a mom for the first time puts one in certain kinds of dilemmas. Everything seems to be quite new, quite fresh. The feelings experienced during that time are completely different from what a lady experiences before being a mother. Don’t feel panicky about it. There are lots and lots of new moms who are going through all of this. You can share whatever you want with such moms and it will truly relieve you to observe that each and every woman faces all these hardships and so these are not meant only for you.

Every child exhibits different behavior, accept it:

Every child exhibits different behavior, accept it-01

You might find that some babies do sleep a lot at night while your baby keeps you awake. Likewise, there may be a lot of things that your baby might not be doing which others are and vice versa. Don’t get mad over it. The personalities of every individual irrespective of their ages differ and you do have to accept this fact. Explore your child’s habits instead of comparing him/her to others.

This phase is not going to stay forever, remember it:

For the first year the babies are really cranky and keep you on your toes. You might have to face many sleepless nights changing nappies of your baby, calming down the infant every now and then and so on (here are some new mother tips on that). This first year although is creepy but have faith this will pass by and from the next year your baby will be grown enough to sleep for hours and make you less restless.

Stay as calm as possible, this is not the end of life and world:

Stay as calm as possible, this is not the end of life and world-01

Although it’s a fact that the first year after a baby is born seems to be dreadful but things are not going to be stagnant, they will be changing and soon you will find yourself feeling exhilarated to have a manageable baby who you will be happily calling your ‘life’ or ‘a friend for life’ or so on.

Avoid being over cautious and over protective:

Yes, your child needs protection and care but providing these unnecessarily at every moment will disturb not only you but your child as well. You have to take some time out for you to relax. Wandering here and there with your child always in your lap will make you tired and frustrated. Let him/her cry for few minutes when you feel you can’t be available for them. It won’t do any harm to them and you can take a short nap. Remember that little creature too needs some space.

Try to live these moments rather than lamenting:

Try to live these moments rather than lamenting-01

Instead of getting crazy, start taking pleasure being with your little kid. Your kid may not be ready to leave you and wants to stay constantly in your arms. Rather than trying to get away with it, enjoy the moments of cuddling your own part in your arms. Feel good about it even if you have to leave some of your tasks undone, it’s worth it. These moments will never come back in your life as a growing child will not like being in arms always.

Shun less important advices please:

Being a first time mommy you will find yourself overloaded with sundry advices and suggestions flowing in all the way from your family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, etc. We do not say each and every piece is to be ignored but yes most of them deserve it. Being a parent you know best the feelings and needs of your child and so you should walk with your own instincts rather than following others’. Hearing every word coming from every mouth will really engulf your mental peace. So, beware!

To conclude

Well, with these amazing tips we hope you will be able to experience a happy motherhood feeling. Enjoy your journey as a mother even during that first year without getting exasperated.

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