6 Professional and useful tips to easily click new born pictures like a pro

6 Professional and Useful Tips to Easily Click Newborn Pictures Like a Pro

The most precious gift which a parent can get is in the form of a new born baby. Everyone has a dream of having beautiful photos of their new-borns so that they can cherish those moments when they grow up. The tiny hands and legs, the manner in which they sleep, how they eat and various other memories can be beautifully captured and cherished for years to come. Don’t think you need a professional photographer to do so.

You can take these photos yourself, saving money as well as enjoying the moments while clicking pictures. Also, you don’t need to have an expensive camera to shoot high quality HD pictures. Rather you can use your phone camera instead! While doing all this, you need to keep some tips in mind which can help you in ensuring that the pictures you take a flawless and captures the moment perfectly of your new born baby. Let’s go through them:

Make your baby comfortable

You have to make your baby absolutely comfortable in order to get the best shots possible. Nursing your baby before the photos would be ideal. Feed them properly, keep their stomach full, properly clothed and put them over a comfortable surface wrapped in a warm blanket. Do whatever it takes to make the baby comfortable so that your photographs don’t capture their uneasiness.

Sleeping time is the best time

Sleeping time is the best time-01

Although many would not believe in this, the best time to take photographs is when the toddler is sleeping. This will help you in positioning the baby in the best posture that you want. The poses set would definitely come good in the photos that you’ll capture. Over that, you get more time to click pictures in different poses while the baby is sleeping.

Check the lightings

Use natural light as much as possible. The best lighting to click any kind of picture must be natural and soft. Try clicking pictures in the late afternoon or early morning when the sun is not that bright. Do not take pictures with direct sunlight as the result will not be good. You need the area to be well lit and not full of bright light making the photos very overexposed.

Work on close-ups

Don’t you want your model to show off their tiny body parts? Well, yes! Let’s work on the close ups. Try to focus more on hands, legs, ears, eyes, lips and such parts where you can get a good close-up shot. Such detailing will make you remember your child’s little body parts and how they looked like. Majority of the people love to take such photos to show to their kids when they grow up.

Work a bit on the backgrounds

Work a bit on the backgrounds-01-01

Let’s give full attention to our toddler model. Since this is all about your new born, don’t have a lot of distractions in the background. Have a solid and plain backdrop. You can lay your baby on a blanket or on the bed and take pictures from the top. But make sure the fabric that you use must be ironed and the c006Flor should also compliment the baby’s complexion and clothing.

Don’t use too many properties

A very important tip that many of us miss! You don’t need extra stuff as the main focus has to be on the new born. We are not saying that do not use any props. But, keep it minimal. Use a single prop for a photo.
The above tips will definitely help you in clicking the best new born pictures which may also lead you to become a professional toddler photographer.

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