6 Easy and Creative Ways to Transform your Nursery into a Big Kid’s Room

6 Easy and Creative Ways to Transform your Nursery into a Big Kid’s Room

As we all know, time runs out fast. It does not matter in what phase of life we are, time always runs out like a whisker. We spend a lot of time and energy in growing up our baby and in time our baby turns into a little boy or girl. What happens to the nursery that you designed and built for your baby? It is a symbol of love and a place where you baby had spent the first days leading up to several months where they relied on us for everything.

So, you will see that you no longer need the glider and crib, the changing table and numerous other things; it’s time to change the nursery into a kid’s room. Transformation scares you? Don’t be! You don’t have to spend an entire fortune in changing the nursery into a room. Here are some useful tips to help you out:

Plan ahead

You know you are going to have a baby. You know you would need a nursery and you know that the baby will grow fast. So, what do you do? Buy something that has multiple uses. You can’t spend the entire money of couple of costly items which have no use in the future. There are many options available in the market when it comes to buying furniture for toddlers. Of course, this is for people who have not purchased anything or are yet to finalize things.

What can be done with the crib?

Sleeping time is the best time-01

A crib can be turned into a bed! You can buy a crib that change in to a bed. Make sure that you buy a bed which your kid will like to sleep in and not something which is too “cutie”, which might not be liked afterwards.

Let’s get the rocker out

We don’t need the rocker anymore. Let’s get it out. Removing the rocker or glider will automatically change the look of the room and give it a feeling of a big kid room. Also, it is also good for safety purpose and you don’t have to fear about late night rocking sessions without your observation.

Keep neutral bedding

Keep neutral bedding-01

Now that you’ll have a new bed or probably transitioning your current crib, you will need a new bedding to go along with it to match the room. Although different people have different opinions about it, majority of the people like to go with neutral bedding. Pick up some simple solid prints that would match with your new room.

New paint job

If you had put some pastel color when this was a nursery, right now would be a good time to change it. Put some bright fresh paint in your toddler’s room to give it a new look. Make sure that the color you choose is as per your kid’s liking and will look good for a few years.

Create a storage space

Create a storage space-01

In a nursery, we have a lot of toys. This may not be suitable for a kid’s room. Now that the kid is not a baby anymore, investing in some handy storage pieces would be a good choice. After all, think like you will be staying in this room. There are certain things you need as a kid.
All the above tips are basically suggestions. With a bit of creativity, you can definitely turn your nursery into an awesome kid’s room.

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