30 Vastu Tips for Home

30 Vastu Tips for Home that will Bring More Happiness and Prosperity to you

Vastu shastra is an age old Indian concept that specializes in improvising the structural and architectural design of a house to maximize the wealth, prosperity and health of occupiers. Vastu tips for home have been getting popular among the masses because this science bases itself on simple fundamental that every house has some certain energy waves based on its physical surroundings and architecture. These waves certainly affect the person living within; rightly has been said “person becomes the house he lives in”.

According to Vastu shastra, the world is governed by Sun, moon, earth and 9 planets, magnetic waves and 5 elements namely air, water, air, ether, fire and the cosmic rays. Perfect harmony between all these elements does affect humans in a positive way to bring more prosperity and better health into lives. Similarly, disharmony among all these basic elements does the opposite.
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Following Vastu tips for home will not only bring perfect harmony among all these elements but also lead you to a path of health and wealth:-

Bhoomi poojan must be performed before starting the construction of a house. It is considered very auspicious in Vastu shastra and any person believing in this science must never ignore the power of a holy and well performed Bhoomi poojan.

  1. Basically, you should always avoid a home opposite to T or Y intersection of the roads. It is supposed to bring bad luck to the occupiers.
  2. Plots which have higher south-eastern side are considered to bring wealth to the occupants; similarly plots having a slope in south eastern direction are considered to drain down the wealth. Plots with higher southern side bring good health to the master.
  3. Road running on north and east side of land should be lower than ground level of the land. It keeps enemy under checks and keeps you strategically strong always.
  4. If you are moving into a new house, it is very much encouraged if a famous person has lived before in that particular house or that locality. It makes the basic vibrations of house positive.
  5. Vastu shastris advice to avoid the flats which are on the road turnings. They are considered very inappropriate and should be changed immediately.
  6. It is advised not to purchase a land that is next to a bridge. It brings misfortune.
  7. It may sound abnormal but if you have a house nearer to the temple of lord Shiva or vishnu, you are at a higher risk of facing some sort of monetary loss. There should always be a distance between your house and a temple of any of this deity.
  8. It is also suggested that houses at the dead end of a corridor should be avoided. They keep accumulating very high negative energy which ultimately brings bad health and financial losses for the owners.
  9. East is best direction to make the entry gate of the house. This is because east is the direction of the Sun and sunrays always bring with them a bundle of positive vibration and energy.
  10. Doors are of a great importance in Vastu. They are told to be made leaving south/southwest/west direction and must never the north.
  11. More than 3 doorways shouldn’t be in a straight line. Improper position of gates reduces the prosperity of a house and unbalances the expanses.
  12. Drawing room should be in North/east direction.
  13. Pillars should always be even in number and should never come into sensitive points of Brahma Sthan. Vastu tips for home can’t work unless you don’t have a correct position and number of the pillars.
  14. Water attracts positive energy, moving water in particular. A small fountain or moving water body in north direction of house does very good in flow of finances from all directions.
  15. For the kitchen, ideal location supposed to be is South-east. And the food should be prepared while facing east. At all costs, kitchen in front of main entry door should be avoided.
  16. Home’s entrance is a very important point to look on. Make sure that it not even partially blocked by any wire, pole, pit or any disturbing thing.
  17. Creating obstruction in north or east region of house may limit the earning capacity and subsequently increase the expenses. Make sure that north or east area of house is clean, good looking and open. If possible, create a temple in that area of your house.
  18. Vastu tips for home also say something about the housekeeping. House is our temple and should be treated like one. It should remain free of all types of clutters, bad smells and wrong things at wrong places.
  19. To increase wealth, fish aquariums are considered very pivotal. Ensure that all the fishes are healthy and swim well. Always keep the water clean, transparent and dirt free. Moving fishes will keep your finances moving in a healthy direction.
  20. While sweeping the house, it should be done from outside towards inside not the regular inside out. It is believed that sweeping the garbage towards the door moves the wealth out of the house. Once it is collected in middle, take it and put into a garbage box. Make sure that garbage boxes are covered at all times and never left open.
  21. Bedroom is a very important place of every house; make sure that your bedroom is an arena of fresh air. Keep your bedroom windows opened for at least 30 minutes a day.
  22. At all the times, make sure that all the clocks of house are working. If one of them stops, either put it away or get it repaired. A stopped clock invites stopped or disturbed finances.
  23. Enough amounts of natural light and ventilation holds a key place in the house , same important place is held by clean and open windows which bring the waves of positivity in the house.
  24. Vastu hints that placing of a clean mirror in your cash drawer increases the magnificence of your finances. But mirror should be clean and unbroken, as broken mirror are said to do the opposite.
  25. Now coming to the money locker, it should be placed neither in south-east nor in north-west corner of the house as both corners are supposed to increase the unnecessary expenditure.
  26. If you find yourself unable to control the expenses and they are getting drained no matter how hard you try; then put some living plants or flowers in your toilet. It will stop the unnecessary drains.
  27. Always keep a birdbath and some grain pots for birds on your roof or any appropriate place of the house. Birds around the house will keep the positive energy circulating in and around the house.
  28. Drainage pipes should always be given in north or east area of the house. Always fix any leaking or broken pipe on time as they are supposed to drain your money and you may have to go through fluctuating expenses.
  29. Stand still water tank must never be placed in house. It indicates a stopped flow of money. Always, water must be in the form of aquariums or fountains or in any other moving form. It will ensure the continuous circulation of the money.

To conclude, Vastu fills your home with all the waves of positivity; it brings all the happiness    governing planets in perfect harmony. These positive vibes surrounding you will slowly creep into your thoughts and in actions subsequently. Not a black magic, Vastu works on subtle but certain scientific findings. Apply the above simple things in your routine and you’ll see the life changing to better.

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