30 Incredible Feng Shui Tips for Home

30 Incredible Feng Shui Tips for Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of bringing and binding peace and harmony between people and their environment. Feng Shui is often incorporated into homes as houses represent the place of residence of people and therefore pose as an ideal environment for Feng Shui. The various Feng Shui tips for home revolve around the use of universal energy, known as ‘chi’, to harmonise and develop the character of individuals with their surroundings. As it is not a science, there are many sceptics who do not believe in the system of Feng Shui and claim that it’s a false practice. However, a lot of people have practiced the system of harnessing chi through Feng Shui and widespread claims of its success are also known. Here are some good Feng Shui tips for home.

  1. Keep your home nice and tidy

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Remove all the things that you do not need in your house. Often, over the years people end up with devices and other stuff that have no use for them or have turned redundant. Cleaning up your home to get rid of these things is an important Feng Shui tip for home. Also make sure to not have anything you do not love in your house as it is said to drain energy.

  1. Keep your home well lit and airy

Open your windows as often as possible and try to flood your home with natural light. Allow good, clean air into your home and use air purifying plants or air purifiers to keep the air clean. It is an important Feng Shui practice to get good light and air into your home.

  1. Learn the Bagua or Feng Shui energy map

The Feng Shui energy map represents which parts of your home are connected to which parts of your life. There are two main methods to define the bagua of your home; the classical school bagua and the BTB grid. Learn these systems and apply one of them to your home. For example, in the classical system, south-east areas of your home should be connected to the flow of wealth in your house. The Feng Shui energy map represents these characteristics of your life, such as wealth, marriage, spirituality and so on to the areas of your home.

  1. Decorate your home with the basics of the five Feng Shui elements

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The five basic Feng Shui elements and their combinations represent the flow of particular energies. Applying these elements in accordance with the Feng Shui energy map will allow you to develop those aspects of your life. For example, to develop prosperity, you will place items that represent the elements of wood and water in the southeast area of your home.

  1. Enhance your Feng Shui birth element

Find out your Feng Shui birth element and incorporate this element throughout your home. This is a method to increase and support your energy. If for example your Feng Shui birth element is fire, introduce fire element colours such as red, orange and yellow, triangular shapes etc. into the decorations and items around your house. Introduce wooden items as wood feeds the fire element.

  1. Design your home according to your Kua number

Find out what your Kua number is and using this information, orient your presence in your home to most of the time face your lucky directions. For example if your Kua number is 1, your lucky directions are said to be southeast, east, south and north. So, arrange the furniture and desks and tables in such a way that they face your lucky direction whenever you use them.

  1. Constantly be aware of the Feng Shui energy of your home

A very important Feng Shui tip for your home is to always make sure that you maintain a good quality of Feng Shui energy in your home. As Feng Shui can be used to increase your energy or chi, the wrong use of Feng Shui can lead to the loss of your energy and harmony. Make it a habit to pay close attention to the Feng Shui trinity; your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen as these represent the sites of very powerful Feng Shui energy.

  1. Maintain quality outside Feng Shui

Feng Shui consists of different types of energies. A good Feng Shui home will not have conflicting energies such as Sha chi (attacking) or Si chi (low) around it. Carefully study the outside of your home and understand if it subject to these conflicting energies. Different aspects, such as the slope of your backyard, presence of a railroad and so on can cause the development of challenging energies. Try to create and maintain a beautiful garden. No matter how small or how big as gardens contribute to good Feng Shui energy.

  1. Your front door and Feng Shui energy

A good Feng Shui house needs to have a good energy flow through the front door. Maintain a door that suits your Feng Shui birth element or Feng Shui colour and make sure that the path to your home through your door is open and clear. Obstructions such as trees, vehicles and walls contribute to breaking the flow of energy through your door and harm the Feng Shui energy of your home.

  1. Maintain a clear and wide main entry

Once you have a good Feng Shui front door and have a good energy flow into your home, you want to keep that energy flowing into all the rooms present throughout your home. This means that the main entry into your home through the front door should be kept clutter free and provides access to the various rooms and areas of your home. The main entry is responsible for the channelling of Feng Shui through your home.

  1. Apply these Feng Shui tips for home strongly to the Feng Shui trinity

The Feng Shui trinity of your home represents the bedroom bathroom and kitchen. As mentioned before, these are major sites for the development of your Feng Shui energy and so your bedroom bathroom and kitchen should strongly incorporate the elements of Feng Shui energy. A good Feng Shui home requires that the Feng Shui trinity is maintained with a high level of energy.

  1. Keep a stream of fresh Feng Shui energy

Make sure that you allow a flow of Feng Shui energy throughout your home. Apply the Feng Shui tips for home such as maintaining a good quality of air; brightly illuminating the areas of your home and cleaning up your home help remove old and stuck Feng Shui energy. Make sure that the energy channels are kept clean and open and not clattered or obstructed. Old and stuck Feng Shui energy can lead to low energy levels and affect your moods and aspects of your life.

  1. Constantly explore different aspects of Feng Shui

Find out more about Feng Shui. There’s a lot of information and Feng Shui tips for home out there but do not get scared or feel overwhelmed. Do your experiments, find out what suits you, what colours make you feel comfortable, what décor suits your tastes and what furniture you like. Incorporating these things in your home represent good Feng Shui.

  1. Fix your doors and windows

Repair and maintain your doors and windows. Especially your front door. Keeping in mind that the front door is the portal for Feng Shui to pass into your home, a squeaky or broken down door will affect your Feng Shui by affecting your mood and in turn your energy levels. Oil those creaks and hinges and be sure to wash and clean your windows for better light and open them to let fresh air in.

  1. Place fountains or other water based décor close to the entrance

Based on Feng Shui principles, water based elements should be placed close to the entrance of your home. As the water element represents wealth in your life, the fountain or water based décor should have be flowing towards the centre of your home as this represents money and wealth flowing into your life.

  1. Place plants above open top kitchen cabinets

Take a look at your kitchen. Are the cabinets reaching completely up to the roof or are their tops open with a gap to the ceiling? According to Feng Shui, it is good practice to have kitchen cabinets that extend all the way up to the roof as the open tops represent areas where dust can accumulate and this means that energy gets stuck here as well. Noting that the kitchen is one of the Feng Shui trinity it is very important that the Feng Shui energy in the kitchen is channelled and freely flowing. So what do you do about those cabinets then? Simple, place lush green plants or lighting on top of them as these objects are supposed to bring life to the areas where they are placed and will transform the stuck energy into good Feng Shui energy.

  1. Close bathroom doors and toilet seats

A lot of people are concerned about Feng Shui energies when it comes to the bathroom. This only makes sense as in the bathroom water is constantly drained or flushed away and water as an element represents wealth and prosperity. Furthermore, the bathroom is one of the Feng Shui trinity. Good advice is to keep those toilet seats closed and those bathroom doors closed as it is said to reduce the effect of the loss of water that is drained.

  1. Positioning your bed

Positioning-your-bed (1)

Your bedroom is also a part of the Feng Shui trinity. This means that furniture in your bedroom, especially your bed, have an important effect on the Feng Shui energy. It is said to keep your bed in a ‘commanding position’ as you spend a lot of your time in your bed sleeping. The commanding position referred to corresponds to your bed being placed such that when on it, you are facing your door while not in line with it. It is important to note that you should be able to see the door while lying on your bed, so in the case you cannot, try using some mirrors to able to see your door while you lie down.

  1. Cover up electronic devices in your bedroom

Electronic devices such as a TV usually are used for entertainment and therefore the active energy from these devices conflict with the peace and harmony required for sleeping. So in order to address this issue of conflicting energies, cover up the TV or other electronic devices in your bedroom when they are not in use so that their energies do not interfere with the calming energy of the bedroom.

  1. Clean your windows

As mentioned before, windows should be kept clean and open. This mean more natural light and fresher air, both of which are important contributors to developing the good Feng Shui energy of your home.

  1. Decorate your main hall

Once a person enters your home through your entrance, they will be received in the main hall. The first thing they will see will be the decorations and furnishings of this hall and it is therefore important that the Feng Shui energy of the main hall is vibrant and vivid. For this you should incorporate elements of the Feng Shui relating to beauty and serenity, put up vibrant pictures and artwork, decorative vases and inviting furniture. All of these will contribute at a subconscious level and make the person feel energetic, having this aside with the best skin laser treatment has to be extremely relaxing.

  1. A Childs reaction

Yes, you read that right. An indicator of positive energy fields is the way a baby or small child reacts when entering a home. It is believed that if a baby starts to cry when brought into a new home, it symbolises the lack of positive energy. Whereas if the baby stays quiet or starts to play or becomes joyful, it symbolises the presence of good, vibrant and positive energies.

  1. A Tibetan Bell

A Tibetan bell is rung to clear out the stuck up and old energies present in your home. Keeping a Tibetan bell in a central area of your home such that when it is rung, its ring can be heard throughout the house is a Feng Shui practice and is said to bring positive energy to the home.

  1. The three legged toad

The three legged toad is an ancient Feng Shui symbol for wealth and prosperity. It is said to help improve the persons’ savings, earnings and overall financial status. Place this symbol in the southeast corner of your home in accordance with the Feng Shi energy map in such a way that it faces the main entrance. This is to signify that wealth and prosperity to enter your home in the area that deals with money and finance.

  1. Face the main door while sitting

If you have a room or a seat or furnishing that has a direct line of view with the front door, it is important to orient it in such a way that you do not show your back to the front door while sitting on it. This is a Feng Shui practice and in some cases is used to get rid of unwanted guests as it is said that those who sit with their backs to the front door often leave early.

  1. Feng Shui flooring

Make sure that the flooring of your home is intact and in accordance with the Feng Shui energy map of that area of your home. Broken flooring traps energy and is said to spread negative energy that can affect those in your home. Covering up cracks and breaks with a carpet is one way to address the issue while another is to install flooring that is colour coded to match the Feng Shui energy map for that portion of your home.

  1. Maintain a clear name plate

According to Feng Shui tradition, a name plate is used to direct opportunities towards your home. So this means that it’s important to maintain a clear and accurate name plate of your address and number of your property on the outside of your home.

  1. Aquariums

According to Feng Shui, the fish and water are very auspicious symbols and are said to remove negative energy from your home while inviting positive energy in. An aquarium represents an ideal merger of both these symbols as it incorporates both the fish and the water. However, make sure you maintain a clean and clear aquarium with fresh, flowing water. It is also advised to keep a small statue of a fish in your bedroom as this is said to avert misfortune from your life.

  1. Balance out the Feng Shui of the room with the furniture

The Feng Shui energy is affected by the spaces and areas of your home as dictated by their use as well as the furnishings and décor present. This means that bedrooms represent passive or resting spaces while office rooms represent active or working spaces. Therefore it is important to have furnishings that complement these spaces, having a bed in your office or a worktable in your bedroom will conflict with the Feng Shui energy of the rooms and should be avoided.

  1. Constantly update and maintain your home to reflect your interests

The fundamental behind the Feng Shui philosophy is to create harmony and peace between the person and his/ her surroundings. Most often this means that your mood should be reflected in your home. Update your home with new furnishings or different arrangements to suit your tastes and thereby increase the positive Feng Shui energy present in the house.

Although the philosophy of Feng Shui and universal energy chi is not scientific, it is has been proven to show changes when applied to homes and individuals. Also, most of the Feng Shui tips for home do not involve having to make any major changes to your home and are relatively easy to implement. So why not try them? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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